Prototypes for SS design

The Enforcers are an intergalactic Space Force that fight to protect LEGO World from many threats. It is part of The Galactic Alliance and the Enforcers are a specialty of it. There are many groups within this team, each with different colored armor and different types of weapons. Many of the Space Soldiers live on The SS HubbleBrick. Silver and Black are common colors worn by Space Soldiers. This team is lead by Captain William StarSearcher, who can be found on the Space Station. There are also various squad leaders and other members. There are also two specialties: The Universal Peacekeeping Force (UPF) and Space Trackers.


Space Hero
Space Tracker

Team Gear

Universal Peacekeeping Force

Rank 1 UPF Helmet

Rank 1 UPF Torso

Rank 1 UPF Pants

Rank 1 UPF Gun

Rank 2 UPF Helmet

Rank 2 UPF armour

Rank 2 UPF Torso

Rank 2 UPF Pants

Rank 2 UPF Gun 1

Rank 2 UPF Gun 2

Rank 3 UPF Helmet

Rank 3 UPF armour

Rank 3 UPF Torso

Rank 3 UPF Pants

Rank 3 UPF Gun 1

Rank 3 UPF Gun 2

Space Trackers

Rank 1 Space Tracker Helmet

Rank 1 Space Tracker Torso

Rank 1 Space Tracker Pants

Rank 1 Space Tracker Gun

Rank 2 Space Tracker Helmet

Rank 2 Space Tracker armour

Rank 2 Space Tracker Torso

Rank 2 Space Tracker Pants

Rank 2 Space Tracker Gun 1

Rank 2 Space Tracker Gun 2

Rank 3 Space Tracker Helmet

Rank 3 Space Tracker armour

Rank 3 Space Tracker Torso

Rank 3 Space Tracker Pants

Rank 3 Space Tracker Gun 1

Rank 3 Space Tracker Gun 2