LEGO: The Ultimate Adventure (also called LUA) part of a fan-made MMOG being made by a large fan group called the BCAA. In the original plans, it contained many dangerous and fun adventures for the player as well a tricky and mind boggling puzzles. The Player would also have been able to join 1 of the 6 Alliances. There would have been many worlds to explore and each has many unique NPCs, Dangerous and various Enemies and great Quests; many Pets the player can adopt in each world that matches there biological habitat; and Mini games such as PvP Battles, Target Practice Zones and more.

In June, 2013, the project merged with the Balance of Power and LEGO Galaxy Projects. The team can now be found at


LEGO: The Ultimate Adventure was founded by BlueJay early 2013. It is part of BCAA which is a large fan group also made by BlueJay. more info soon