Magiczard is an Evil Wizard of lightning. He has 100 health and has strong Wizard and Lightning abilities. He is one of the 3 evil wizards that has to be defeated in Excalabrick. He has too be fought in his tower called The Tower of the Thundering Storm.



Teleport: Can teleport behind the player and strike it dealing 2 damage.

Lift and Crash: Lifts the player up and then sends the player crashing down dealing 3 damage and causing knockdown.

Magic Blast: Blasts a magical bolt dealing 3 damage and causing knockdown.

Intense Magic Blast: Blasts an Intense magical bolt dealing 6 damage and causing knockdown.

Lightning Strike: Charges up his wand with Electrons then Sends out Lightning Bolts that causes knockdown and knockback and deals 7 damage. A surpreme move.

Summon Whirlwind: Summons a Whirlwind that sends the player towards Magiczard and then suspends the player up in the air and guarrenties a strike of an attack.

Summon Tornado: summons a Tornado that lasts for 10 seconds dealing 5 damage and causing knockdown.