Space Bandits are a lawless group that patrols the galaxy in search of heists to pull off, treasure to find, and other opportunities at gaining wealth. Before the creation of the Cyborgs, Pirates were criminals in LEGO World and greatly feared for their invasive crimes. Then the Galactic Guards were formed to fight the pirates and both teams fought greatly. However, after the arrival of the Cyborgs, both sides, realizing the effect that the cyborgs would have on both teams' way of life, joined the resistance and became teammates, though they were still far from friends. Now the Pirates are led by Captain BlackBrick. They ride in large flying ships playfully nicknamed Scoonertrons.

Team Items

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Captain BlackBrick-Leader
Chop Itop-Chef, Mate
Phil Chopmen-Mate, Ship repairer
Pirate Messanger-Mate, Messanger
Pirate Jem Studeir-Scientist
Alota Richez-Map keeper, Mate
George Gunshot-Mate
Keypa Lookout-Lookout, Mate
Mike Gunshot
Theresa Tactic-Pirate Lass, Daughter of BlackBrick
Sly Scooner-First Mate
Jackie Finch-Pirate Lass
Walka Plank-Mate, Plank repairer
Jonny Hookhand-Mate, Vendor
William Eyepatch-Mate,Vendor